What I Did This Past Week

Launched my blog automationjourney.com

Excited and appreciated with the support that I’ve received thus far, especially from automation engineers and developers that I know, whom have expressed interest in helping me with along this journey!

Completed reading “The Way of the Web Tester: A Beginner’s Guild to Automating Tests” by Jonathan Rasmusson

I highly recommend this book for testers that have had very little to no exposure to automation testing. The book provides the right amount of detail regardless of experience, to kick start or enhance your automation career. It provides clear explanations of the testing pyramid, CSS selectors, RESTful Web Services, writing your first tests, etc., all the while providing written exercises to test what you’ve learned. What I really liked about this book as well is the role that developers play in making automation testing efforts successful. Book can be found by going to Amazon or by going to https://pragprog.com/book/jrtest/the-way-of-the-web-tester

Completed listening to all 185 episodes of the “Test Talks Podcast” by Joe Colantonio

I started listening to these in early November 2017 with episode 00: Intro Music that aired originally on December 30, 2013 and finished listening to episode 184: Sneak Peek 2018 Automation Guild 2018 Online Conference, on January 4, 2018. These are for people experienced and new, as you get insight into all things automation, whether it’s frameworks, languages, processes, etc. Check out Joe Colantonio’s Test Talks by going to https://joecolantonio.com/testtalks

Wrote Java tests using IntelliJ, Maven, TestNG and Selenium WebDriver

So, for the last few months, I have been using what I have learned and applying that work to migrate some of my legacy manual tests to automation tests. Using IntelliJ, Maven, TestNG and Selenium Web Driver, I decided to ditch the training wheels and started writing my highly repeatable tests.

Resumed reading “Java for Testers” by Alan Richardson

I started “Java for Testers” before the Christmas holiday and resumed reading this past week. Thus far, Alan Richardson’s book is proving to be a great read and even better point of reference. I’ll provide a more in-depth review once I’ve completed the book. If you can’t wait and would like to pick it up now, on Amazon or by going to http://eviltester.com

Began POC of IntelliJ & Eclipse

Since embarking on this journey, the IDE that I chose to use was IntelliJ. It’s very easy to install, configure and use. However, as I’m reading more books (old & new) as well as feedback from some other Automation Engineers, there are quite a few that that favor Eclipse. I’m going to spend time using both, and decide on what works best for me.

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