What I Did This Past Week 01 12 2018

Attended Automation Guild 2018

For me, Automation Guild 2018 was a great start for 2018. It was highlighted by an all-star lineup of test automation experts from around the world, and they did not disappoint at all. Content regarding testing frameworks, languages, tools, concepts, etc. were discussed, with great Q&A after each session. And I really like the concept of online conferences. In fact, read my blog post 5 Reasons You Should Purchase Automation Guild 2018

Decided to use Java

I had conversation with my company’s development manager after Automation Guild. I had mentioned to him that there were different schools of thought as to what language should be used when writing your automation code. One being that you should write your automation code in the language by which the developers code in. The other being that it doesn’t matter which language, especially if QA is going to own the code and maintenance. After this discussion, he recommended that I continue down the Java path, as it aligns with what we are developing.

Read 6 Reasons to Co-Locate Your App and Automation Code by Angie Jones

The timing of reading this article couldn’t have been better, as this closely relates to the discussion and subsequent decision to use Java as the coding language. Angie’s article makes very compelling arguments as to why it’s fine to have your automation code cohabitate with your developer’s code. Read for yourselves at https://techbeacon.com/6-reasons-co-locate-your-app-automation-code

Continued reading “Java for Testers” by Alan Richardson

“Java for Testers” continues to be a great book as to how to apply Java to testing. With each chapter, I’m picking up something new. Again, I’ll provide a more in-depth review once I’ve completed the book. If you can’t wait and would like to pick it up now, you can purchase it on Amazon or by going to Alan Richardson’s web site http://eviltester.com

Wrote more tests

Continued writing more tests and migrating the manual tests we have, to automated tests. The lessons learned from Automation Guild 2018 and in the book “Java for Testers” is assisting greatly in this process, in giving me ideas about my approach to my test case writing as well as how to structure my code.

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