What I Did This Past Week 02 09 2018

Testing and the Super Bowl


My first Super Bowl at iSpot.tv was nothing less than exciting. As I stated in my post from last week, iSpot.tv measures consumer viewership of TV commercials. What that meant for us, is that we busted our butts from all fronts, to present metrics in real time. Testing involved both manual and automated regression testing on our public and subscription sites. That work stretched into mid-week. So very busy but equally fun as well!

Resume Reviews & Phone Interviews


Continued to review resumes for phone interviews, that were pre-screened, for the open QA position at iSpot.tv. I take a lot of pride in this process, coming from my years of experience as a QA Manager. It’s not just the right person with the skills, but the right culture fit as well as having the passion for testing. We have a need for an experienced manual tester, so if you know of anyone, in the Seattle area, please encourage them to apply at https://app.jobvite.com/Jobvite/jobvite.aspx?b=nxbNeDwR

Two New Books Added to The Reading List


Added two new books to my reading list, that were recommended to me:

Bootstrap 4


We are making the changed to using Bootstrap 4 and have been ramping up on the changes as it relates to what our current architecture has, as well as the impact (if any) it will have on my automated tests.

Listened to Test Talks episodes #189


Episode #189 of Test Talks was “Automating Accessibility Tests with Manoj Kumar” which was very interesting.  Twenty percent of the population has impairments that make it difficult for them to use your application. In this episode, Manoj Kumar explains what accessibility testing is as well as some tools and techniques for including accessibility as part of your development and testing processes. Good stuff!

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