What I Did This Past Week 02 16 2018

Resume Reviews, Phone Interviews & In-Person Interviews

working late

I continued to review resumes, conducted phone interviews and in person interviews for our open Manual Tester position. This is a lot of work but a lot of fun as well, especially those that are a few years into their testing career and seeing the enthusiasm about growing their testing careers.


Adding to On-boarding Documentation for QA


As a former Boy Scout, I wholeheartedly believe in the motto “Be prepared” which is exactly why I’m putting together on-boarding documentation for our QA Team. The purpose of this, is to provide as much resources, procedures and information as possible, to make anyone coming into our department, that much easier.

Additions, Subtractions and Revisions to Tests


As you know, as software changes, at times tests may need to change or become obsolete. A great deal of my automation work this week was all of the aforementioned.

Attended Workshop “The Power of Intentions in Test Automation” by Paul Merrill


This was a really cool webinar because Paul set the ground rules, posted a few basic questions as to “Why do we automate?”, “When is it not good to automate?”, etc. Then it was up to the attendees to come up with answers, and then people gave their opinions on the questions he posed. Great information shared, respectful differences of opinions were shared during this workshop. Not sure if he’s going to do this again anytime soon, but if he does, be on the lookout for it. For more information on this workshop and forthcoming workshops, visit Beaumont Fairmont.

Fought cold


This has absolutely nothing to do with testing, but I thought I was able to escape the bug (no pun intended…yeah it was) going around the office, until I woke up this past Friday morning with a sore throat and cough.

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